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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

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Век Шекспира


The age of Shakespeare : a British Council exhibition. - London: The British Council, 1978. - 56 p.

This exhibition guide is about the cultural life of England at the time of Elizabeth I and James I. It is entitled ‘The Age of Shakespeare’ since Shakespeare, though little known at the time, has emerged as the greatest single figure of that age. The fact that his writings are now performed and studied throughout the world has stimulated interest in the cultural environment in which he and his contemporaries lived and worked.


Shakespeare's England : illustrated with paintings, drawings and engravings of the period. - New York: American heritage publishing : Harper & Row, 1964. - 153 p.

Shakespeare’s England glittered with pageantry and seethed with plots and intrigue. In 1587 at Fotheringhay Castle, Queen Elizabeth’s cousin and rival, Mary Queen of Scots, was beheaded. A year later England crushed the Spanish Armada. That same year, William Shakespeare left his home in Stratford and walked into the dazzling bustle of London life. This book sets the life and works of William Shakespeare against the colorful tapestry of Elizabethan life. Everywhere – as the illustrations demonstrate – there were scenes to fire this greatest genius of the English tongue.


Trevelyan G. M. Illustrated English Social History : Vol. 2: The Age of Shakespeare and the Stuart Period. - Harmondsworth: Pelican books, 1968. - 341 p.

How, in times gone by, did they live – the ordinary people of England? It is unlikely that we shall ever have a better answer to this question than Trevelyan’s “English Social History”, in which a liberal historian set down all that he had been able to discover of the daily, unspectacular, but endlessly fascinating life of English people between the Middle Ages and Victorian times. The illustration of this classic work with pictures from contemporary English sources (so far as it was possible) perfectly rounds off a historical record which is as scholarly as it is attractive. This ‘history of a people with the politics left out’ describes their work, food, homes, clothes, customs, beliefs, pastimes.


Ackroyd, Peter. The history of England : Vol. 2: Tudors. - London: Pan books, 2012. - X, 507 p.

Rich in detail and atmosphere, "Tudors" recounts the transformation of England from a settled Catholic country to a Protestant superpower. It is the story of Henry VIII's break with Rome, and his relentless pursuit of both the perfect wife and the perfect heir; of how the brief reign of the teenage king, Edward VI, gave way to the violent reimposition of Catholicism and the stench of bonfires under 'Bloody Mary'.


Irwin, Margaret. That Great Lucifer : A Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh. - London : Chatto & Windus, 1960. - 320 p.

‘You have lived like a star’, said Sir Walter Raleigh’s judges, ‘and like a star you must fall’. He was indeed the Lucifer, the Morning Star of the Elizabethan age, his rise to fame as meteoric as his fall was tragic. A man of amazing force and versatility, he might have been the hero of a play by Marlowe or Shakespeare. Ambitious as Tamburlaine to conquer new worlds; a lover who, like Anthony, could count the world well lost for love; a Hamlet in his complexity of mind; dreamer, poet, man of action and adventure, Raleigh dazzled his own age and remains one of history’s most controversial subjects.


Ackroyd, Peter. London : the concise biography. - London : Vintage books, 2001. - XVI, [8], 661 p.

Peter Ackroyd takes us on a journey - historical, geographical and imaginative - through the city of London. Moving back and forth through time, Ackroyd is an effortless, exuberant guide to times of plague and pestilence, fire and floods, crime and punishment, sex and theatre. His biography is as rich in detail and fizzing with vitality as the city itself.


Roose-Evans, James. London theatre : from the Globe to the National. – Oxford : Phiadon, 1977. – 160 p.

A marvelous celebration of four centuries of London theatre, this book fsketches the scandalous, provocative and vigorous history of the stage from 1576 to 1976. Within the boundaries of this city, over these four centuries, every form of theatre can be found, from street theatre with processions, plays, stagebooths, to elaborate spectacles at Covent Garden and experimental plays in countless pubs, upper rooms and basements.


Wilson, Edwin. The theater experience. - New York : McGraw-Hill, 1988. - XXII, 506 p.

The ideal theater appreciation text for courses focusing on theater elements, “The Theater Experience” encourages students to be active theater-goers as they learn about the fundamentals of a production. The book is rich in illustrations and provides references to a number of plays (Shakespearean tragedies and comedies among others).

О Шекспире


Brown, Ivor. Shakespeare. - London : The reprint society, 1951. - 383 p.

In “Shakespeare” Ivor Brown tries to give a picture of the mysterious genius about whom every kind of fantastic theory has been advanced. Of course much has to be conjectured, but here are the elements freshly reconstructed, the youth in Stratford, the break with home, the tangled love-life, the early triumphs as a poet, the day-to-day London life, the restoration of the family fortunes in Stratford, the keen interest in money, and the astonishing union in Shakespeare of a master-genius, an English countryman, a busy man of affairs, and a lover both tortured and enraptured by passion.


Greer, Germaine. Shakespeare. - Oxford ; New York : Oxford university press, 1986. - 136 p.

Germaine Greer examines Shakespeare's plays in detail, revealing how he dramatized moral and intellectual issues in such a way that his audience became aware of an imaginative dimension to daily life. Germaine Greer argues that as long as Shakespeare remains central to English cultural life, the country will retain the values that make it unique in the world, namely tolerance, pluralism, and a profound commitment to democracy.


Wilson, J. Dover. The essential Shakespeare : a biographical adventure. - Cambridge : Cambridge university press, 1964. - X, 148 p.

John Dover Wilson (1881-1969) was a renowned scholar of Renaissance drama, particularly known for his work on Shakespeare. Originally published in 1932, this book, in accordance with its subtitle, takes the form of an interpretative 'adventure' through Shakespeare's life. In the absence of biographical detail, Wilson provides us with a personal perspective that is nevertheless rigorously faithful to the known facts regarding the life, the plays and the surrounding historical context. More broadly, the text is also concerned with the question of how a poetic or creative talent is manifested and nurtured. This volume will be invaluable for anyone with an interest in Shakespeare, literary criticism, or the history of English literature.


Shakespeare in a changing world. - New York : International publishers, 1964. - 269 p.

A collection of twelve essays by Shakespeare scholars, edited by Arnold Kettle.


Shakespeare in perspective : Vol. 2. - London : Ariel books, 1985. - 332 p.

The thirty-six essays in this volume are taken from the radio and television commentaries on the remaining nineteen plays transmitted in the BBC TV Shakespeare. From television, writers and diverse personalities approach the plays with an eye to their contemporary relevance, while, from radio, actors and actresses offer a professional knowledge of the plays they introduce as well as a more personal love.


Cook, Elizabeth. Seeing through words : the scope of late Renaissance poetry. - New Haven ; London : Yale university press, 1986. – 180 p.

This perceptive study offers a new approach to major aspects of late Renaissance literature that tend to be either misunderstood or neglected. It is an analysis of the way in which English poetry in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries registers a new kind of attentiveness to the material world and an awareness of the resources peculiar to language. By exploring certain works of Shakespeare, Donne and Marvell, among others, Elizabeth Cook reveals how the poetry of this period displays the range of experience to which language gives access. She begins by concentrating on the formal qualities of language and then, using specific examples such as “Anthony and Cleopatra” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, proceeds to examine a variety of philosophical and narrative occasions in terms of the kinds of writing they enable.


Wells, Stanley. Shakespeare : an illustrated dictionary. - London : Kaye & Ward ; New York : Oxford university press, 1978. - VIII, 216 p.

This illustrated dictionary is a readable, yet scholarly guide which will be invaluable to everyone with an interest in Shakespeare, whether in the study or on stage. Entries, arranged alphabetically, give essential information about Shakespeare’s life and career, his contemporaries, and the sources on which he drew. A separate entry for each of his works relates the facts about its date, sources, and publication, and sketches the history of its presentation on the stage. Other entries are devoted to Shakespeare’s interpreters – actors, directors, critics; to those who have adapted his plays, to editors and scholars, composers and illustrators, and to topics relating to every area of Shakespearean interest and influence. The book is copiously illustrated with photographs of productions past and present, of places that Shakespeare knew, and of documents, portraits, and illustrations to the plays. It also includes a finding-list to the characters in all the plays.


Lend me your ears : an anthology of Shakespearean quotations... familiar, and not-so-familiar. - London: The British Council, 1978. - 56 p.


Fox, Levi. An illustrated introduction to Shakespeare's flowers. - Norwich : Jarrold colour, 1977. - 32 p.

Shakespeare, poet and dramatist, was by birth and instinct a countryman and the influence of his native Warwickshire reflects itself throughout his plays and sonnets. Innumerable passages provide evidence of his love and knowledge of flowers, plants and herbs, while his enchanting descriptions of pastoral scenes and the wonders of the changing seasons disclose an intimate acquaintance with gardens and the countryside.

Шекспир в оригинале

В серии «Oxford»


Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998. - 406 p. - (Oxford world's classics) (The Oxford Shakespeare).

Hamlet’s combination of violence and introspection is unusual among Shakespeare's tragedies. It is full of curious riddles and fascinating paradoxes, making it one of his most widely discussed plays. Professor Hibbard's illuminating and original introduction explains the process by which variant texts were fused in the 18th century to create the most commonly used text of today. Drawing on both critical and theatrical history, he shows how this fusion makes “Hamlet” seem a much more 'problematic' play than it was when it originally appeared in the First Folio of 1623.


Shakespeare, William. The winter's tale. - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998. - 406 p. - (Oxford world's classics) (The Oxford Shakespeare).

“The Winter's Tale” is Shakespeare's most perfectly realized tragicomedy, as notable for its tragic intensity as for its comic grace and for the richness of its poetry. It concludes with the most daring and moving reconciliation scene in all Shakespeare's plays. Though the title may suggest an escapist fantasy, recent criticism has seen in the play a profoundly realist psychology and a powerful commentary on the violence implicit in family relationships and deep, long-lasting friendships. Stephen Orgel’s edition considers the play in relation to Renaissance conceptions of both dramatic genre and the family and traces the changing critical and theatrical attitudes towards it. The commentary pays special attention to the play's linguistic complexity, and the edition includes a reprint of Shakespeare's source, “Pandosto”, by Robert Greene.


Shakespeare, William. Coriolanus. - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1994. - IX, 388 p. - (The world's classics) (The Oxford Shakespeare).

“Coriolanus” is perhaps the most brilliant political play ever written. It has proved itself as a relevant study of the relationship between personality and politics. The introduction to this edition considers Shakespeare's adaptation of his historical material in relation to the social and political conditions in London and Stratford at the time of the play's composition. The editor offers a thorough analysis of the verbal style of the text and of its staging in relation to the Blackfriars theatre, where it was the first of Shakespeare's plays to be presented. A detailed study of its theatrical history illuminates the wide range of meanings the play has had for subsequent ages.


Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus. - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1994. - IX, 226 p. -  (The world's classics) (The Oxford Shakespeare).

“Titus Andronicus” was the young Shakespeare's experiment in sensational tragedy. Its horrors are notorious, but its powerful poetry of grief is the work of a true tragic poet. Introducing this edition, E.M.Waith provides a fresh view of the play in its historical context as well as an original discussion of the famous 'Peacham' drawing - the only surviving contemporary Shakespeare illustration. An illustrated account of performances leads to an assessment of the play's qualities in the light of its critical reception.

В серии «Penguin Classics»


Shakespeare, William. Four comedies. - London [et al.] : Penguin books, 1996. - 951 p.

Shakespearean comedy has as much to do with the structure of the drama as with the wit of its dialogue or the humour of its characters. In these four comedies there is a near-tragic crisis at which disaster or happiness may ensue, but the overriding force of goodwill brings us to a joyful conclusion. In comedy the most bitter circumstances - exile, unrequited love - can give rise to higher feelings of friendship, respect, sympathy and acceptance.


Shakespeare, William. Four tragedies. - London [et al.] : Penguin books, 1994. - 951 p.

The theme of the great Shakespearean tragedies is the fall from grace of a great man due to a flaw in his nature. Whether it is the ruthless ambition of Macbeth or the folly of Lear, the irresolution of Hamlet or the suspicion of Othello, the cause of the tragedy is trifling compared to the calamity that it unleashes. Despite his flawed nature, the tragic hero has a nobility that emphasizes the greatness of man. From this paradox the audience is brought to a greater understanding of - and sympathy with - suffering.


Shakespeare, William. Four histories. - London [et al.] : Penguin books, 1994. - 865 p.

Each of Shakespeare’s histories possesses its own distinctive mood, tone and style, and together they inhabit the turbulent period of change from the usurpation of the throne of Richard II by Bolingbroke to the triumph of heroic kingship in Henry V. While Walter Pater in his essay found the central idea of the “Histories” to be ‘the irony of kingship - average human nature, flung with wonderfully pathetic effect into the vortex of great events’, others have interpreted the plays as political moralities, or as Tudor versions of history. Many will agree with the Duke of Malborough, who said he was content to know no more English history than that dramatized by Shakespeare.
In this collection each play comes complete with notes and an introduction, making this edition of particular value to students, scholars and theatre-goers.


   Penguin Popular Classics and The New Penguin Shakespeare offer a complete edition of the plays and poems. Each volume has been prepared from the original text and includes an introduction, a list of further reading, a helpful commentary, and a short account of the textual problems of the play. 

Shakespeare, William. The narrative poems. - London [et al.] : Penguin books , 1989. - 263 p.
Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. - London [et al.] : Penguin Books, cop. 2001. - 190 p.
Shakespeare, William. A midsummer night's dream. - London [et al.] : Penguin books , 1994. - 106 p. 


Shakespeare, William. Julius Caesar. - Harmondsworth [et al.] : Penguin Books , 1967. - 252 p.
Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. - Harmondsworth [et al.] : Penguin Books , 1987. - 383 p.
Shakespeare, William. Othello. - Harmondsworth [et al.] : Penguin Books, 1970. - 199 p.


В серии «Everyman's Library»


The Everyman Signet Shakespeare includes: The Sonnets and Narrative Poems, Tragedies, Histories, Comedies, Romances. The authoritatively edited text is supplemented with textual notes, extensive bibliographies, a detailed chronology of Shakespeare’s life and times, and a substantial introduction in which Professor Tony Tanner discusses each play individually and in the context of Shakespeare’s work.

Shakespeare, William. Romances. - London : David Campbell : Random House, 1996.

Shakespeare, William. The sonnets and narrative poems. - London : David Campbell : Random House, 1996.

Shakespeare, William. Comedies. - London : David Campbell : Random House, 1995. - Vol. 1-2.

Shakespeare, William. Histories. - London : David Campbell : Random House, 1994. - Vol. 1-2.

Shakespeare, William. Tragedies. - London : David Campbell : Random House, 1992. -  Vol. 1-2.


Shakespeare, William. Complete sonnets. - New York : Dover, 1991. - 74 p.

Over 150 exquisite poems deal with love, friendship, the tyranny of time, beauty's evanescence, death, and other themes in language unsurpassed in passion, precision, originality, and beauty.


Shakespeare, William. The poems : the Arden edition of the works of William Shakespeare. - London ; New York : Routledge, 1988. - XLVI, 201 p.

Шекспир в адаптации


Лэм, Чарльз. Tales from Shakespeare. - СПб : Питер, 1995. - 217 с.

Сборник, который стал любимой книгой нескольких поколений юных англичан, представляет собой прозаические пересказы сюжетов двенадцати пьес Шекспира. Книга может использоваться на занятиях в старших классах средних школ, вузах, на курсах по изучению английского языка, а также для домашнего чтения.


Сиссон, Розмари Энн. Молодой Шекспир : книга для чтения в 7-м классе. – М. : Просвещение, 1978. - 142 с.

В книге «Молодой Шекспир», представляющей адаптацию одноименной повести английской писательницы Розмари Энн Сиссон, говорится о воспитании юного Шекспира в семье, о его ранних годах учения в грамматической школе, о первых шагах в области поэтического творчества. Большой познавательный интерес представляет жизнь горожан и аристократии, положение актеров и многое другое в эпоху средневековья.


Шекспир, Уильям. Ромео и Джульетта. - СПб : Химера, 2001. - 159 с.
Шекспир, Уильям. Ромео и Джульетта. - М. : Юпитер-Интер, 2005. - 132 с.
Шекспир, Уильям. Две трагедии. – М. : Высшая школа, 1985. - 284 с.
Шекспир, Уильям. Повесть о Гамлете. – М. : Высшая школа, 1973. - 120 с.
Шекспир, Уильям. Гамлет. – М. : Айрис пресс, 2007. - 126 с.
Шекспир, Уильям. Как Вам это понравится. – М. : Высшая школа, 1973. - 126 с.
Шекспир, Уильям. Двенадцатая ночь. - СПб : Антология, 2003. - 121 c.

 Электронные ресурсы


Шекспир, Уильям. Собрание сочинений [Электронный ресурс] : на англ. и рус. яз. / Шекспир ; Директ Медиа Паблишинг. - [Москва : Новый диск, 2004]. - 1 эл. опт. диск (CD-ROM).

На диске представлены комедии, хроники, трагедии, романтические драмы, поэмы и сонеты, всего более 20 000 страниц текста на русском и английском языках, а также полный текст английского издания "The Riverside Shakespeare: Complete Works". В собрание включены классические переводы XIX и XX веков: С.Я.Маршака, Б.Л.Пастернака, А.Д.Радловой, Т.Л.Щепкиной-Куперник, А.И.Кронеберга, П.И.Вейнберга и др.


Шекспир, Уильям. Сонеты [Электронный ресурс] : [аудио-книга] / Уильям Шекспир ; [пер.  - Москва : Равновесие, 2009. - 1 эл. опт. диск (CD-ROM) (443 мин.).

Аудиокнига представляет новый перевод «Сонетов» Шекспира, принадлежащий Александру Шаракшанэ. В созданном им стихотворном переводе шекспировского шедевра достигнуто новое сочетание точности и художественности.


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